Resource Links

Acupuncture Resources:

Other Medical Resources

Books on Menopause:

  • The Wisdom of Menopause: Christiane Northrup, MD
  • The New Menopause Book: Mary Tagliaferri, MD
  • Natural Woman, Natural Menopause: Marcus Laux, ND, and Christine Conrad. This book discusses the distinctions between conventional hormone replacement therapy vs. natural hormone bio-identical plant-derived hormones.
  • Dr. Susan Love’s Hormone Book: Susan Love, MD
  • The Hormone of Desire: Susan Rako, MD, testosterone discussion
  • Natural Choices for Women’s Health; How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine Can Create a Lifetime of Wellness: Laurie Steelsmith ND

Books on Supplements, Herbs and Food:

  • Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements: Michael Murray, ND
  • The Nutrition Desk Reference: Robert Garrison Jr., MA, RPh, Elizabeth Somer
  • The Ultlmate Consumer’s Guide to Diets and Nutrition: James Marti. Houghton

Books on Alternative Health Care:

  • Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Alternative Therapies and Integrative Medicine: Tori Hudson, ND
  • Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Michael Murray, ND, Joe Pizzorno, ND

Books on Pain:

  • Foods That Fight Pain: Neal Barnard, MD
  • Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Pain: Pete Egoscue