Pain Relief Treatments – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

When most people think about acupuncture, pain relief is the first thing that comes to mind. That’s because acupuncture and its related treatment methods have been relieving pain for over 2000 years. The World Health Organization, in a 2002 report, stated that acupuncture’s “effective rate in the treatment of chronic pain is comparable with that of morphine.” Acupuncture is widely used in many western medical facilities as a pain relief method, and its use has grown dramatically.

Acupuncture is often very effective in relieving both chronic and acute pain caused by many conditions. Used alone, or in combination with other treatment modalities, licensed acupuncturists, like Amy Nystrom, L.Ac, offer patients effective treatments for many types of pain. Some of the types of acute and chronic pain that may be successfully relieved by acupuncture and other treatment methods include:

  • Back Pain – Caused by strains, nerves, disks, spinal stenosis or muscle strains
  • Neck Pain – From any cause
  • Joint Pain – Caused by arthritis or other factors
  • Tendonitis – Relief from pain and faster recovery
  • Muscle Pain – From strains, sprains, and overuse
  • Hip & Knee Pain – Promotes more flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Elbow & Wrist Pain – Repetitive stress or sports-related
  • Shoulder Pain – From any cause, including rotator cuff injuries & frozen shoulder
  • Headache Pain – All types of headache may be relieved with treatment
  • TMJ Jaw Pain – A very common complaint
  • Dysmenorrhea – Painful menstruation can be disabling
  • Nausea – Effective treatments for nausea from many causes
  • Sports Injuries – Return to activity sooner with treatment
  • Other Injuries – Whiplash, accident, or other pain from injuries
  • Shingles & Post – Herpetic Neuralgia – Treatment may provide full relief
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Pain – Relief before and after surgery improves recovery
  • Sinus Pain – A combination of treatments can be of great help
  • Fibromyalgia – Many patients report significant relief
  • Other Pain – Most types of pain respond to acupuncture treatment

X-rays and MRI’s didn’t find anything wrong with my knees. Nobody knew what was wrong but whatever they tried didn’t make them feel better. Finally, I saw Amy and after the first treatment my knee pain vanished. Now we are working on my sinuses! – Tamara, New Hope, MN

Reduce the Use of Pain Medications

Pharmaceutical and even over-the-counter pain relievers often have side effects that can be annoying or even life threatening. Particularly for conditions that cause chronic pain, taking pain medication can become even more of a problem over time. In addition, narcotic-based pain relievers can cause extreme drowsiness, digestive disturbances and interfere with mental activities. In most cases, pain relief treatments using acupuncture and associated treatment methods can reduce or eliminate the need for these medications. Many patients report that they no longer need pain medication for chronic conditions when treated on a regular basis with acupuncture. Physicians often refer patients to licensed acupuncturists, like Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. for pain relief treatments.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. – Pain Relief Through Acupuncture and Other Methods

Amy Nystrom has helped thousands of patients with pain relief treatments in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. She offers a full range of Chinese Medicine treatments for a wide variety of acute and chronic pain, including acupuncture, moxa, cupping, Tui Na, light therapy, and Chinese herbal medicines. Whether your physician suggests acupuncture for pain relief or you’ve decided on your own to seek pain relief through acupuncture, please contact Amy Nystrom to schedule an evaluation and initial treatment.