Effective Holistic Medical Treatments Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The goal of a life lived in a state of overall wellness is a high priority for most people. When we do not feel our best or have symptoms of illness, it’s natural to seek ways to return to the robust good health that is normal for people. Achieving that goal leads us in many directions, from modern western health care and an abundance of over-the-counter remedies to alternative health practitioners with different theories of health care and maintenance.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. believes that each person is unique, and has unique needs. As an experienced health care provider, she offers a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, the fundamental components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus expert nutritional counseling, as a holistic approach to healing and maintenance of health and wellness. Working in cooperation with modern western medicine and other health care systems, these alternatives provide a combination that her many patients over the past 20+ years have found to help them achieve their health goals.

Amy gives me the time I need. I feel well cared for. In my mind, she is my primary care provider. I trust her to help me make medical decisions. – Jeff, Hamel, MN

For many, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are linked primarily to the relief of pain, and both are very valuable for that purpose. However, Chinese Medicine, along with good nutrition, can do much more in restoring health and wellness. Among the many other conditions Amy Nystrom treats, the following conditions especially are helped with her combination of skills and knowledge:

  • Cold, Flu, & Sinus Conditions – Treatments can reduce symptoms and protect against complications from these common ailments that interfere with our lives.
  • Asthma, Hay Fever & Allergies – Relief from symptoms and help in avoiding further attacks are often seen with a holistic approach to treatment.
  • Stress, Anxiety, & Depression – A balanced combination of therapeutic methods can make an important contribution to healing in these conditions.
  • Fatigue, Weakness & Pain – Chronic fatigue, insomnia, and other factors can lead to these conditions and can often be successfully managed with treatments
  • Poor Memory & Concentration – By balancing and improving the flow of vital energy, treatment can improve learning and memory capabilities for young and old alike.
  • Addiction Recovery – Recovery from the effects of fighting addictions is greatly helped with proper treatment, improving success in fighting addictions of all kinds.
  • Digestive Problems – Constipation, irritable bowels, indigestion and other digestive disorders are often dramatically helped with a combination of Chinese Medicine treatments and nutritional counseling.
  • Post Stroke Syndrome – The after-effects of strokes can be devastating, but well-planned treatment can help with many of these issues, enhancing quality of life.
  • Weight Control Issues – Problems maintaining a healthy weight can create many health problems. A well-balanced nutritional program is part of the solution.

A Balanced Approach to Health and Wellness

I drive from Hastings to see Amy. She is the best. I’d drive even farther to see her if I had to. – Shelly, Hastings, MN

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. always seeks to find the best possible ways to promote healing in the conditions above, using her knowledge, education, and experience to select a balanced, multi-disciplinary approach. When appropriate, she may also refer her patients to other practitioners and medical professionals to take advantage of their special expertise and methods. With every patient, careful and thoughtful evaluation is the key to finding the ideal combination of treatments that leads to optimal results. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and nutritional counseling are often an important part of a plan that helps patients regain and maintain their natural healthy state.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. – Holistic Healing and Wellness for Minnesotans

Every patient Amy Nystrom sees in her practice presents a unique challenge. That challenge is the reason she became a health care provider. Searching for and achieving a combination of appropriate therapies that will lead to a return to robust wellness, whether provided by her or in concert other practitioners, is always her goal. Her practice in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, from her office in Wayzata, MN, 10 minutes from Minneapolis, has helped thousands of patients. Contact Amy Nystrom to schedule an appointment.