Chinese Herbal Medicine – Time-Tested Natural Therapeutics

As an important part of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine can play a powerful role in your search for health and wellness. Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. has extensive training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and may include this in your treatment plan, depending on your individual needs.

Like acupuncture, the other major element of Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has a history that dates back over 2500 years, when the first written documents on the subject appeared. Over the centuries, these medicines have been used by countless millions of people to treat the complete range of medical problems. Formulations have been refined and today, Chinese herbal medicines are in wide use in Europe and in the USA.

Oriental medicine was something I used to be suspicious of; something I didn’t ‘believe in.’ Amy has made a believer out of me. I see her regularly for ‘tune-ups’ to keep me healthy and happy. Jim, Edina, MN

All Chinese herbal medicines are composed of natural ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, roots, and other materials found in nature. Unlike western pharmaceutical products, they are not synthetic and are formulated to eliminate side effects while maximizing the therapeutic efficacy. The best formula is determined by a Chinese medical diagnosis not symptoms. They are also different from the western herb products which are normally single ingredients used to treat symptoms. Chinese herbal medicines are carefully prepared combinations of natural ingredients, designed to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal and recuperate, and work with the body’s natural systems to provide healing.

The Principles of Chinese Herbal Medicines

The principles that underlie Chinese herbal medicines are different from western herbology and supplements. Western pharmaceuticals are usually designed to be single-purpose treatments. Each performs a single action, like destroying bacteria, lowering blood pressure, or relieving a particular symptom. Most western medicines and herbs are composed of a single active ingredient. They’re often very effective, but often create side effects that can affect other aspects of health. Chinese herbal medicine is aimed at a Chinese medical diagnosis, and uses the principles of Chinese medical theory to call on the body’s own systems to solve health problems and return the body to its normal functions. To do that, it is based on non-western principles, like the Four Portions, the Five Elements, and Meridian therapy, to adjust and regulate body functions and restore health.

When I came to see Amy I was so anxious and depressed. She guided me through lifestyle changes, gave me herbs and administered acupuncture. My mood has lifted and the anxiety has subsided. Thanks to our work together, I am at peace and have a deep sense of well being. – Cindy, Plymouth, MN

Most Chinese herbal medicines are made up of several natural ingredients, commonly from plants. Leaves, flowers, twigs, stems, roots, tubers, rhizomes and barks are common plant parts that are used. The various ingredients are mixed and balanced to avoid side effects and to work together to restore normal balance and health to the body. In many cases they produce immediate results, while in other cases, they work more gradually to produce the desired healing.

Compatibility with Western Medicines

Before taking any new medicine, possible interactions with other medications you are taking must be considered. When Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. recommends Chinese herbal medicine to you, she will examine your list of current medications, both pharmaceutical and over-the-counter, very carefully, and then make her recommendations. She will clearly explain the medicine to you, describe how it will work, how to take it, and tell you what to expect from it.

How Chinese Herbal Medicines are Administered

In many cases, Chinese herbal medicines are taken in the form of tea-like decoctions. To prepare these, you will cook the ingredients in water for the recommended time, then strain the liquid and drink it. Often, you will take the medicine two or three times a day. In other cases, the medicines will be provided as herbal pills, tinctures, or powdered extracts in capsules, especially if you don’t have time to prepare decoctions or cannot tolerate their taste.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. – Chinese Herbal Medicine, Minneapolis, MN

Restoring and maintaining robust good health often requires a combination of treatment methods. Chinese Medicine, which combines acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, along with other treatment modalities, is often an effective way to relieve pain, treat various ailments and maintain health through a holistic approach. Nutritional counseling, too, can be of great assistance in creating the good health and wellness everyone deserves. Amy Nystrom has extensive training and experience in all of these methods, and will gladly work with you and your other health care providers to help you achieve your health goals. Contact Amy Nystrom to make an appointment.