Holistic Alternative Medicine for Health – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

For people living in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, health is important, just as it is everywhere. In all aspects of life, good health and wellness are the keys to a productive, enjoyable life. Good health is the normal state for people and maintaining that normal state of wellness is Amy Nystrom’s goal as an alternative health care provider. Her philosophy of health and wellness is based on an integrated, holistic approach and on the time-tested principles of Chinese Medicine that have proven themselves for centuries.

Even though good health and wellness are the normal state, all of us are subject to disturbances in our health. From simple diseases like the common cold and flu, to allergies, nutritional imbalances, injuries, and even complex and life-threatening diseases like cancer, everyone encounters periods in life when wellness is disturbed. When that happens, we want relief and healing, with the goal being a return to the normal vitality and wellness that we expect. How we achieve that goal varies.

Two Alternative Health Care Philosophies and Methods

In the Twin Cities, as in most of the western world, the dominant health care philosophy is western or allopathic medicine. Our physicians, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and even our health insurance system are all built around that philosophy. Diagnosis, treatment, and health care generally begins with people seeking care from western allopathic medical professionals. In many ways, this philosophy of health care produces excellent results. Those results, though, often come at a high cost with undesired consequences, side effects and long recoveries. Also, western medicine is often puzzled by some health care issues that leave people with pain, fatigue and other symptoms, despite treatment.

Western medicine specializes in acute conditions and symptomatic treatments, but often ignores the need for restoration and maintenance of overall health. Rather than focusing on helping the body’s natural healing abilities, it often relies on technological and pharmaceutical treatments that eliminate the acute causes of illness but overrides the bodies’ mechanism for healing and ignores other factors that affect our wellness.

A Time-Tested Alternative to Western Medicine

The alternative oriental medicine approaches health and wellness from a different perspective. As practiced by Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. and a growing number of other alternative health care practitioners, Chinese Medicine uses techniques and treatments developed over more than 2000 years, and that are based on completely different principles than western medicine. Acupuncture and its associated treatments, along with time-tested herbal medicines, work to restore natural balance to the body, helping the body’s own healing abilities to restore health, relieve pain, and balance the supply and flow of natural energy and information, called Qi or Chi. The results, as experienced by billions throughout the world, speak for themselves.

Western medicine has also traditionally ignored the important role of proper nutrition in maintaining health and helping with healing. While that is changing, this crucial aspect of our health still does not get the attention it deserves. Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. combines extensive education, knowledge and experience in nutrition to further assist her patients with their health and wellness goals.

Cooperation Between Health Care Systems

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. believes that the very best health care and individual wellness comes from balancing western medicine, Chinese Medicine and proper nutrition. Unlike some alternative medical practitioners, she does not encourage patients to abandon western medicine and its effective treatments, but encourages a cooperative system of treatment, using the best of both health care philosophies.

As western medicine increasingly begins to accept the proven results of complementary medicine, more and more physicians are encouraging their patients to take advantage of alternative care. A sizable percentage of Amy Nystrom’s patients are referred to her by physicians and other health care providers. So that every possible means is used to return to health, Amy frequently refers her patients to allopathic health care providers.

Where nutritional counseling can benefit her patients, she offers a balanced approach as well. She works with each patient’s preferences to create a nutrition plan that is not only based on whole foods and proper nutritional balance but also to find a diet that is enjoyable.

Your Wellness is Always the Focus

After careful and thorough evaluation of each patient, Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. carefully develops a treatment strategy that works with the patient’s other medical care professionals. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and other treatments are some of the options that may be employed. In every treatment plan, attentive consideration is given to other treatments the patient is receiving. When herbal medicines are used, Amy will always consider how they may interact with pharmaceutical prescriptions and other supplements. Educating patients about the treatments they receive is also a high priority. At all times, the constant goal is to create an ideal combination that will help you return to robust good health and restore a state of wellness.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. – Twin Cities Balanced, Holistic Health Care

Your health and wellness should be a high priority in your life. When you are in good health, and free from pain and other symptoms, you will be able to achieve your goals in life successfully. Amy Nystrom, L. Ac. is a professional health care provider who can help you achieve the goal of wellness. This web site can help you understand how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, along with nutritional counseling, can be a valuable part of your overall health care. Contact Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. to discuss your health concerns and for an evaluation. Your wellness is her priority.