Chinese Acupuncture Treatments – Minneapolis Saint Paul Area, MN

As one of the two major treatment modalities of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is probably the most well known alternative treatment method for most people in Minnesota. Most of us know someone who has received acupuncture treatment and have seen its benefits. Acupuncture is best known for its ability to treat pain of various kinds, but it can do much more than that. Among the health issues that acupuncture can help relieve are:

  • Headache, migraine & nausea
  • Back pain, strains & arthritis
  • Neck, shoulder, and knee pain
  • Chemotherapy side effects
  • Post stroke syndrome
  • Cold, flu, bronchitis & asthma symptoms
  • Stress, anxiety & insomnia
  • General wellness and health maintenance

Why Acupuncture Works – The Theory of Qi

One of the foundational theories of Chinese Medicine is that information and vital energy, called Qi, flows through channels in the body. The supply and free flow of Qi is very influential in the health of the individual, according to Chinese medical theories. When Qi is abundant and free flowing, the body is in balance, free of pain, and healthy. When Qi is blocked or depleted, health is disturbed and pain along with other physical and emotional problems can result. An old Chinese proverb says, referring to Qi, “If there is a pain, there is no free flow; if there is free flow, there is no pain.” Acupuncture promotes the free flow of Qi.

I’ve never liked needles and had never tried acupuncture or Chinese Medicine. My first visit with Amy put me at ease I felt comfortable with Amy, as if I’d known her for a long time even though we had only just met! – Sarah, Minneapolis, MN

Over 2000 years ago, Chinese medical practitioners introduced what became acupuncture. Acupuncture adjusts the flow of Qi in the body, they believed, helping it reach areas where it is depleted and draining from areas where there is an excess of Qi. Over time, more than 1000 acupuncture points on the body have been mapped and the effects of acupuncture needles on those points have been recorded.

Today, acupuncture is used by highly trained practitioners all over the world to help relieve pain and restore health, using the techniques and principles developed over the past 2000 years. Increasingly accepted by western medical institutions and doctors, it has found its way into hospitals and is often recommended to patients who seek relief from pain and other health problems.

Acupuncture Techniques – What to Expect

The primary tools of acupuncture are very fine needles, which are inserted very carefully and accurately at acupuncture points. Today, all licensed acupuncturists, like Amy Nystrom, L.Ac., use single-use, pre-packaged, sterile, disposable needles, making the process extremely safe and virtually free of risk of infection. Years of training and practice let an accomplished acupuncturist effectively place these needles precisely where they will be most effective in treating the patient’s condition.

I was very nervous about acupuncture but my friends told me it would help me reduce the stress I felt. I thought I would just get a bunch of needles, but in addition to the needles Amy gave me herbs and helped learn how to manage my stress better. It was indeed a holistic experience. – Mary, St Louis Park, MN

Acupuncture needles are only slightly thicker than a human hair, so most patients report little or no pain when they are inserted. Often, the insertion is not even felt. Sensations, such as heaviness, warmth, or tingling may occur, but most people find acupuncture relaxing, and some even fall asleep during treatment.

Before your first treatment, you can expect a thorough evaluation. If you are seeing Amy for the first time, she will inquire into your medical history and discuss any diagnosis you have received from your physician. She will also ask you a number of questions about your health and the medications you are taking, so bring a list of your medications and supplements to your first visit. On every visit, she will examine your tongue, since much is revealed about your health from its condition, and she will feel your pulse to arrive at a Chinese medical diagnosis.

For the actual treatment, you will sit or lie on the treatment table, and the acupuncture needles will be inserted. The number of needles used in any treatment will vary, and their placement may not be where your pain or other symptoms are located. The relevant acupuncture points are often in seemingly unrelated parts of your body.

After the needles are inserted, you will be allowed to rest quietly for a short time, typically about 20 minutes. Then, the needles will be removed and disposed of and your treatment will be complete. Since needles may be placed anywhere on your body, you may want to bring a pair of shorts to the treatment and a standard bra, if you are a woman.

In addition to the use of acupuncture needles, Amy may suggest other treatments related to acupuncture, such as Chinese herbs, cupping, or moxa, or may use electrical stimulation along with the needles. Other treatment modalities may be used as well. Click here to read about these adjuncts to acupuncture. She may also suggest Chinese herbal medicines to further help with your healing.

Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. – Treating Minnesota Patients since 2000

As a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. maintains an office in Wayzata, MN, easily accessible from all parts of the Minneapolis- St. Paul metro area. Her Master of Science degree from one of America’s most prominent accredited schools, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA, along with her experience as a practitioner assures you of her skills. In addition, she is a degree-holding nutritionist and can help you with nutritional counseling as a further aid to your health and wellness. Contact Amy Nystrom, L.Ac. soon to discuss your health care needs and to make an appointment.